A human behind
every AI decision

Proof-of-Human is an integral component of the Humans.ai blockchain that
acts as a governance, consensus and verification system, which helps ensure
that behind every AI NFT there is a human decision.

The centrepiece of the

Governance, consensus and

To ensure the governance of an AI NFT, Humans.ai utilizes
Proof-of-Human to confirm that behind every request is a real human.


Current world population

We are entering an era of continuous disruption.

Combining the power of Blockchain with Artificial Intelligence, HUMANS allows anyone anywhere to create and scale their potential into the infinite.

AI Developers have a new way to deploy their algorithms, while the community train and use these AIs with unique data.

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as AI NFTs
AI encapsulated into NFTs
Humans makes it accesible for consumers to join the AI revolution and become a super-human
by controlling the AI. You can speak in any language, work in your synthethic version,
generate videos at scale and much more.
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We are all

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